Maria helena (2)






Name: María Helena Ferrandis Jiménez
Telephone: +34 963 289 680 (Ext 2314)

María Helena has worked as a research assistant in the Polymer Therapeutics lab since 2007. She is in charge of cell culture and laboratory performance management (material organization, orders, accounting, etc) and also also assists in the organization of conferences and other events.


David Charbonnier

Position: Technician
Telephone: +34 963289680 (Ext 2314#)

David obtained his degree in Biotechnology with Genetics, Microbiology, and Biotech Engineering at the Paris-Sud University in June 2013. He received a technicians diploma at Saint-Etienne IUT and an international technological diploma in Almeria. He started working in the Polymer Therapeutics laboratory in the last year of his degree dealing with the synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of Polymer-Drug Conjugates for combination therapy of breast cancer. Since October 2013 he has worked as technician involved in many projects, mainly responsible for cellular and molecular biology.

Name: Esther Masiá Sanchís
Position: Technician
Telephone: +34 963289680 (Ext 2306#)

Esther obtained her technician certificate in pathological anatomy in Valencia in June 2005 and her biology degree at Valencia University in February 2011. Since July 2007, she has worked in the CIPF Screening Platform supervised by MJ Vicent. Esther currently works in the development of different assays for screening platform and collaborates on different projects. She is mainly responsible for cellular and molecular biology techniques as well as histology and animal research.

Project Manager

Stu (2)

Name: Stuart P. Atkinson
Position: Project Manager 
Telephone: +34 963 289 680 (Ext 2314)

Dr Stuart P. Atkinson received his PhD in Medical Oncology at the Beatson Research Centre at Glasgow University in 2005 after studying the epigenetic regulation of the telomerase gene reporters in normal and tumorigenic cells. He then moved to the Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University (UK) where he worked with Professor Lyle Armstrong and Professor Majlinda Lako studying mechanisms behind the pluripotent state, the directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), and the generation and study of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). This work continued after the laboratory moved to the CIPF where he later joined the laboratories of Deborah Burks and Carlos Simón Vallés where he studied Insulin signaling in hESCs, iPSC generation, and endometrial stem cells. After leaving academia, he joined Genera Biotech as a project manager and advisor, and after leaving this post, he joined the Polymer Therapeutics lab as Project Manager.