Multi-component Soft Materials Advanced Research Training Network.


Grant agreement ID: 101072585. 01/01/23 – 31/12/26

Coordinator: UB (Universite de Bordeaux, France)


We aim to develop rationally designed multifunctional materials (MultiMats) to treat spinal cord injury (SCI) by combining neural progenitor cell (NPC) therapy with self-organizing oligo-/poly-peptides of varying architectures. The resultant materials will be investigated regarding their formulation into fibers by modulating amino acid content/nature, counterion use, and active substances, which aims to create a substrate conducive to MultiMat generation that also provides support for neuronal regeneration. MultiMat bioassessment will be performed to facilitate the maintenance, growth, and differentiation of NPCs into neurons, an essential step for SCI regeneration. Selected MultiMats will undergo in vivo/ex vivo evaluations in combination with NPCs using rat SCI models.