WP1. Rational design and controlled synthesis of PGA-based combination conjugate

                WP1.1. Polypeptide-based carriers

                WP1.2. Selection of drug combinations

                WP1.3. Synthesis of polymer-based combination conjugates/Linking chemistry

WP2. Accurate SAR/Physico-chemical descriptors and Biomarker Identification

                WP2.1 In Physico-chemical environment

                WP2.2. In representative BC cell models

                WP2.3. In selected metastatic BC MDA-MB-231.Fluc2.C19 in vivo model

                WP2.4. In Patient-derived BC cell models

WP3. In vivo proof of the anti-metastatic and anti-tumoral potential of combination conjugates

                WP3.1 In MDA-MB-231.Fluc2.C19 in vivo model

                WP3.2 In a Triple Negative Cancer patient-derived in vivo model