NanoPanTher Project

Funded by La Caixa (ref n. HR18-00589)

Project Summary

Pancreatic cancer is among the deadliest diseases worldwide and suffers from difficulties in early diagnosis and median survival rates of below 10% for diagnosed patients. As current therapeutic approaches do not extend survival rates beyond a few months, the goal of NanoPanTher is to create a new therapeutic option that selectively kills pancreatic cancer cells without harming healthy organs/cells via combination therapy. This novel approach will include a precision nanomedicine, to inhibit cancer progression and deliver chemotherapeutic drugs only to pancreatic cancer cells, and a cancer nano-vaccine to harness the patient’s immune system to prevent tumor recurrence. Through this innovative approach, we expect to increase disease-free survival rates in patients and overcome severe and life-threatening side effects associated with many cancer therapies.

Associated Press

La Vanguardia – ¿Se puede tratar el cáncer de páncreas con nanofármacos? – Un projecte del CIPF per a dissenyar nanofàrmacs contra el càncer de pàncrees és premiat per la Caixa – Proyectos valencianos sobre nanofármacos contra el cáncer y tecnología descontaminante, premiados por la Caixa – Un proyecto del CIPF para diseñar nanofármacos contra el cáncer de páncreas es premiado por la Caixa – Investigar es la prioridad