Nanoplataforma Polipeptídica Multimodal de Precisión para el Tratamiento y Monitorización de Tumores Metastásicos

Ref. MFA/2022/065. Programa de i+d+i de materiales con funcionalidades avanzadas para la nueva transformación tecnológica 01/10/2022 – 30/09/2025


The Pol@Mets project proposes the development of a versatile polypeptide platform with inherent imaging properties for the targeted and controlled administration of drugs, which allows their real-time monitoring in physiologically relevant media, in addition to the implementation of combined therapeutic strategies (pharmacology + radiotherapy). The use of relevant preclinical models is intended, including patient-derived models, and to i mplement strategies for the identification of functional biomarkers that allow the design of more precise therapies, as well as molecular diagnosis and disease monitoring systems. The validation of Pol@Mets in solid tumors in advanced stages including recurrent/metastatic tumors is proposed, a clear unmet clinical need.

Pol@Mets is part of the Program, “Materials with advanced functionalities for the new technological transformation” within its Research Actions in line of action 3: Intelligent materials with advanced functionalities, specifically 3.2. Materials for biomedical applications. The study of nanomaterials with advanced functionalities is proposed, including smart materials that can have direct application in the strategic sector of health.